Founder of Voice of Healing Outreach & Senior Pastor The Center For Miracles & Revival

In July 1990, while vacationing in Orlando, FL, Rich Vera was invited to attend the Orlando Christian Center where he experienced a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit. He saw an open vision in which the Lord showed him multitudes of people walking in darkness, without direction for their lives. Next, the Lord stretched out His hand, placed it on Rich’s head, and told him he was chosen for a special work and that nothing would separate him from the love of God.That very moment Rich yielded his life to God, was Born Again, filled with the Holy Spirit, and called and anointed to proclaim the gospel, demonstrating God’s message and power to his generation and many more to come. His new life became evident immediately! He went on to become one of the most respected and talked about young men in the church because of his hunger for God and the unusual touch of the Lord upon him. This visitation and vision was the first of 3 visitations that have been significant and would launch Rich Vera into a powerful, international, miracle-prophetic ministry that is touching and changing lives around the world. He represents a new breed of leadership the Lord is raising up to usher the return of Jesus with a great demonstration of God's power.

Right after his incredible conversion experience as a young man in Orlando, FL, the Lord empowered Rich in a unique and awesome way. Rich began to experience the presence and the Power of God almost on a daily basis. Many times having visitations from the Lord and causing him to spend hours in the Presence of God. His intense hunger and passion for the presence of the Lord in his personal life developed an ability to hear and discern the voice of the Lord. God’s voice became so clear and detailed concerning things that would happen to him, to the lives of other people, and in major events, that he was inquired upon by many concerning things to come. This brought an awareness to the gifts of the word of knowledge and prophetic insight, which works in him, and has amazed many. The ministry of the Evangelist and the Prophet operate together in his life. His prophetic gift has been deemed by many as one of the most accurate in his generation, which has led him to prophesy over presidents, government leaders, celebrities and ministers around the world with great accuracy. He is sought after worldwide by all types of people because of the accuracy and power of his prophetic gift.

He received his miracle healing ministry after a visitation from the Lord while in Argentina, where Jesus came to him in a vision and laid His hand upon his head, releasing him into that ministry. Tens of thousands around the world have been healed and delivered through his ministry. Blind eyes have been opened, deaf ears have been opened, thousands of crippled have been healed, all kinds of diseases, cancers, and sicknesses have been cured through his ministry, and many bound by demons have been set free by the power of God and multitudes of families and lives have been restored. Entire regions are being shaken by the power of God through his ministry.

On November 14, 2005, while living in Maui Hawaii Rich Vera had an encounter with God that would forever change the course of His life and ministry. After being caught up by the Lord for 6 hours, he experienced the Presence and Glory of God and was instructed by the Lord concerning the last days and the upcoming move of God. He was commissioned by the Lord himself to a new dimension and authority in ministry and released to the world as a Prophet/Evangelist with a Miracle ministry of biblical proportions, to be in the forefront of the move of God for his generation and many to come.. ( a book is on the making about this visitation from God)

"I am raising you up as a fresh Prophetic Voice to the nations with the same old message and Miracle Working power as those of old."

- Rich Vera

Voice Of Healing



Rich Vera is the President and Founder of VOICE OF HEALING OUTREACH, an International Prophetic Evangelistic Healing Ministry that travels the world speaking in churches conducting revival services and special rallies, where tens of thousands are born again and Miraculously healed every year.

As a Revivalist he has led many revival services where entire regions have been taken over by the Power of God, such as, -Santa Cruz Bolivia 2001 where Rich ministered healing to the president of the nation causing an incredible door to open to minister to the entire nation by LIVE radio and TV in 10 days of meetings; - East Timor Indonesia 1999 where he minister to the Governor and warned of an upcoming event that saved his life, - Bagio Philippines 2000 wherein 3 days of meetings the entire town was shaken by the miracle power of Jesus, - UpState NY 2007, where the revival lasted 7 months, impacting the atmosphere of the entire region, thousands came from all over the region, - Orlando Fl 2009 where thousands came to experience the Glory of God as night after night for 40 days the miracle power of God shook the region, establishing his presence in the City as a unique Miracle ministry with his own mantle from God. and many more.

He is also the Founder & Lead Pastor The Center For Healing & Revival Church in Orlando, FL, a fast-growing apostolic and revival church with an International footprint.

Rich has been invited to minister and speaks at many TV programs around America and the world, such as:

The “Praise the Lord” program, airing around the world and “Behind the Scenes” with Paul Crouch Sr. of TBN; He has appeared as a guest on TBN in New York, Miami, Hawaii, and Orlando. He has also been a host on TBN’s “Praise the Lord” in Hawaii, New York, and Orlando.

The secular news media has shown interest in Rich Vera's outreach as they have come to his meetings to witness miracles in the presence of God, resulting in articles on the front page of newspapers and nightly news stories. Recently, MTV (Music Television) attended and recorded one of his meetings as he ministered under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, as part of a reality show based in Maui, HI. Many times he has led them to the Lord.